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(H) 55.5cm x (D) 15cm
(You save additional: 31%)


  • Bored of traditional trash bin?
  • Add a touch of fun and quirkiness to your home with our Ash 'n Trash Cylinder Bin. 
  • Ash 'N Trash offers the convenience of a ashtray and waste receptacle all in one.
  • You'll love the whimsical graphic designs it is adorned in and how it can make a fashion statement in your home. 

Data Sheet

  • Cylinder steel body litter bin with stainless steel ashtray top
  • Lightweight
  • Single litter opening completed with rubber liner
  • Easy to empty - ash tray simply lifts off
  • Easy to lift out & clear rubbish away
  • Reduces the risk of fire by segregating cigarette ends from litter
  • Helps prevent bad odours
  • Perfect for use indoors or outdoors
  • Round Dimensions : (H) 55.5cm x (D) 15cm