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Carpets (aka area rugs) are arguably the most versatile type of flooring and can do wonders to your room. Homeowners can now change the look of their home almost immediately without altering the existing floor. It adds vibrancy to those couches in your living room and evokes a spa-like aura in your bedroom. They are perfect to lounge on and you can mount some colourful cushions on it to add some character. 

Carpets can also help to protect your precious new floor tiles or parquet from scratch and graze whilst providing a decorative accent to your floor. They are ideal for camouflaging flaws like stains and reducing the noise level in multi-leveled homes. You’ll love how it can upgrade your home by a mile without you ever having to resort to a stress-inducing major renovation.  

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230 x 160cm (In Stock - Deliver within 3-4 working days)
$359.00 $189.00
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290 x 200cm (In Stock - Deliver within 3-4 working days)
$599.00 $300.00